Recapture of Mosul may not End the Global Threat

It may be recalled that for recapturing of the city of Mosul, counter-Daesh operations were launched by the ISF in October 2016, which saw the massive deployment of nearly 70,000 ISF troops (George, 2017). According to the United Nations (UN) office for the Co-ordination of Human Affairs, the anti-Daesh campaign led to the displacement nearly 9,20,000 civilians, leaving behind the ruins of Iraqi heritage (Report, 2017).

Iraqi Prime Minister Announces the Fall of Mosul

July 10, 2017 is rightly being acknowledged as a historic day in the fight against dreaded phenomenon of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) brand of terrorism. The Iraqi Prime Minister(PM) Haider al-Abadi, on this day, proudly announced the victory of the Iraqi forces, supported by coalition forces,

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